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Valencian modernism route: Explore the artistic splendor of a golden age

Welcome to the route of Valencian modernism, a fascinating journey through time that will take you through the most emblematic corners of this vibrant city, silent witnesses of a time of artistic splendor and overflowing creativity. Join us on this unique tour where every corner, every facade and every detail will tell you the story of a Valencia that shone with its own light at the dawn of the 20th century.

Begin your adventure in the majestic Estación del Norte, a true treasure of Valencian modernism. Admire its intricate wrought iron details and stained glass windows that tell stories of bygone eras. Feel the excitement of travelers of yesteryear who came to this station to discover the charms of the city.

Continue your tour to the Colón Market, an architectural jewel where the fusion of iron, ceramics and glass creates an atmosphere of pure magic. Stroll among its stalls selling fresh products and savor local cuisine in its cozy restaurants and cafes.

The Town Hall Square welcomes you with splendor. See the imposing City Hall building, with its ornate façade and its clock that marks the pulse of the city. Take the opportunity to rest in its square and soak up the atmosphere that surrounds this civic epicenter.

Head to the imposing Post and Telegraph Building, a masterpiece of modernist architecture that perfectly combines artistic beauty with functionality. Its floral details and curvilinear shapes will transport you to a time of elegance and sophistication.

Casa Ferrer is an authentic pearl of Valencian modernism. Its sinuous lines and ornamental details will transport you to a time of splendor and refinement. Don't forget to look up to appreciate even the smallest details.

End the tour at the Central Market, a place where the senses awaken with the explosion of colors and smells. Immerse yourself in the bustle of the market and discover the local products that make the gastronomic heart of Valencia beat.

* Route on foot without difficulty.

The route of Valencian modernism offers you the opportunity to discover a Valencia that knew how to perfectly combine tradition with innovation, creating an artistic legacy that lasts to this day. Enjoy every corner and every detail on this journey to the heart of modernism!


2 - 5 hours.


Walking route


Spanish, Valencian, English and German.


€25 adults €12 children from 6 to 14 years old.





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