Roman Valencia

This route is ideal for travelers who want to know the essential points of Valencia

Details of the route

Plaza del Temple, church of San Juan del Hospital, Calle Salvador, Palau de Corts Valencianes area, Palau de la Generalitat area, Plaça de l'Almoina, La Almoina archaeological site.

Alea jacta is. Valencia is a city whose origins can be found in the 2nd century BC. C., the Roman legionaries founded the city. Discover the secrets of Valentia that are still visible in the city today and others that are not visible to the naked eye but are equally surprising. Visit with us the city of the brave (as the Romans called it), always with an accredited official guide.

What awaits you:

Start your journey in the heart of Roman Valencia, the Roman Forum. This epicenter of public life is a testament to the grandeur of ancient Bravery, with columns and structures that speak of an era of splendor.

Explore the Almoina Museum, where archaeological pieces reveal daily life in ancient Valentia. From ceramics to sculptures, each object tells a story that will enrich your understanding of this fascinating era.

The walk is not difficult, nor is it for people with reduced mobility, there are adapted accesses or elevators to access the monuments that are visited.


2 - 5 hours.


Walking route


Spanish, Valencian, English and German.


€25 adults. Children from 6 to 14 years: €12.





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