Muslim Valencia

This route is ideal for travelers who want to know the essential points of Valencia

Details of the route

Explore Muslim Valencia: A trip back in time to vibrant Al-Andalus

Immerse yourself in the fascinating legacy of Muslim Valencia with our exclusive Historical Route. We invite you to discover the vestiges of Al-Andalus, a time of cultural and architectural splendor that left an indelible mark on this wonderful city.

Start your tour at the Serranos Towers, the city gate that tells us centuries of history.

Continue your journey through the streets of the old town that will tell you the secrets of the old madina.

In the Carmen neighborhood you can discover a lot of the Balansiya taifa.

Continue your exploration in the Almirante Baths, an oasis of tranquility where design and functionality come together in perfect harmony. Imagine the daily life of Muslim Valencia as you immerse yourself in this historic space.

Join us on this journey through time and discover Muslim Valencia, where history and architecture intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. Every corner of this route will take you to a glorious past that still lingers in the essence of the city. Don't miss this opportunity to explore one of the most fascinating periods in Valencia's history!


2 - 5 hours.


Walking route


Spanish, Valencian, English and German.


€25 adults. Children from 6 to 14 years old €12

It is a route that is done on foot through the streets of the old town of the city. It has no difficulty.

Start Serrans Towers end Market Square.





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