Valencia street art

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Explore urban art in Barrio del Carmen: A route of creativity without limits

Enter the bohemian heart of Valencia, the Barrio del Carmen, where the cobblestone streets come to life with an explosion of color and creativity. Our Street Art Route will take you on a visual journey through the most vibrant and bold expressions of urban art.


Discover murals that tell the rich history of Valencia in a unique and contemporary way. From representations of legendary deeds to everyday scenes, every corner of Barrio del Carmen tells its own story through art.

Explore hidden alleys and charming squares where every surface becomes a potential canvas. Local and international artists have left their mark on every corner, creating an environment where inspiration flows freely.

From surrealism to abstract art, Barrio del Carmen is a canvas for a variety of styles and techniques. Each work of art represents the diversity of voices and perspectives that converge in this culturally enriched space.

Barrio del Carmen is a constantly changing reflection of the local art scene. New murals emerge regularly, transforming the landscape and giving visitors a unique and always fresh experience.

The centuries-old streets of Barrio del Carmen contrast in a fascinating way with the modern expressions of street art. This route invites you to reflect on the intersection between Valencia's rich cultural heritage and its vibrant contemporary art scene.

Embark on this unique experience and discover Barrio del Carmen in a totally new way. Each work of art invites you to reflect, feel and be part of the vibrant artistic community of Valencia. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the city from a unique artistic perspective!


2 - 5 hours.


Walking route


Spanish, Valencian, English and German.


€25 adults. Children from 6 to 14 years old €12

Walking route without difficulty.





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